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Time Table

It is no news how the old system of timetable worked. The complete timetable was given to students within the first two days of their new class. Students had diaries where they took down the periods, classes, teachers and lunch durations. But how many did actually follow it by opening up the diaries and setting the bag of the next day? No many that’s for sure as students considered this a tedious job.

Acadmo, the School ERP system ensures that a platform is provided to students and parents were keeping a track of timetable is a quick, easy and non-tedious. Updating time tables including periods and subjects, the time schedule of each, teachers allocated and any extra added task duration for 6 days a week, is now extremely efficient. Along with this, if you have it in your Mobile App, then you have no qualms about checking it once everyday.

Benefits in Crux:

  1. Acadmo provides a platform with a reliable, efficient and easy process of maintaining a school timetable through this school software.
  2. Acadmo ensures that updating process of timetable with entry regarding subjects, timeline, teachers and so on is done keeping in mind the quick notification alert system that informs the same to the parents instantly.
  3. With an easy to use Mobile App, Acadmo provides a handy way to keep the school time table with parents and students at all times.