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Having to stand in long lines in school’s fees counter after having to take a leave from the office is nothing new for the parents from old times. Especially due to the sole payment method of cash, it was quite a hassle for all. It was tedious not only for parents but also for the school account department faculty to manage the huge inflow along with building entry of each payment being made for the records.

The school ERP system, Acadmo, has provided a substantiate solution to this universal issue. With its school software platform, details regarding the sue fees and methods would be uploaded and parents notified through the communication system. The deadline for the same as well as options for the methods to choose from will be provided too. Now, with its Online payment option, parents need not worry about long queues and leaves from work. A single click and payment will be directly sent to school bank account.

Benefits in Crux:

  1. Acadmo ensures a platform is available, where the availability of parents is never an issue.
  2. Its mobile App ensures from anywhere and only from the handy phones, the platform and application is a click away.
  3. Making payments just became so much easier and instantaneous with Acadmo.
  4. Now it’s possible to go back and browse through previous payments and their receipts within the App.
  5. Notification related to payment due and deadline would be a help in keeping parents reminded of the same.