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It has been a long since tradition that the teachers at the end of their class sessions give students, their homework, which the students may or may not note down at times. Those were the times that students liked to skip out of the homework and just replicate from their partners before the day of submission. This had ensured that students do not advance well in their studies due to lack of practice.

Acadmo, the School ERP systems, ensures that the homework given to the students are received by the parents first so that they can ensure completion by their children. Acadmo provides a platform where teachers can upload the homework in the form of links, documents, or just content based on questions along with a set date for submission. Apart from that, whatever homework had been previously given within the complete school year is accessible by the parents as a reference.

Benefits in Crux:

  1. Acadmo provides a unique platform that allows Homework allocation for students through a school software.
  2. It involves parents in realising the homework given as well as ensuring the children complete and submit it on time.
  3. Acadmo provides parents and students as well as teachers with the capability to go back and review the homework given in the last year for revision.
  4. With the easy to get into Mobile App, Acadmo has ensured the faster access to homework as well as instant receiving with notification alerts on the go.