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Home Seek Answers to Some Common Questions

Q1. What is the basic use of this application?

A. Acadmo is an innovative web-based portal which is specially designed for managing school operations and set up a value added communication system among school and respected parents by using its messaging capability.

Q2. Who all can use this application?

A. Any school can use this application.

Q3. When can we use this application?

A. Anywhere, Anytime Availability is the key featured if this application. Being available on the internet any user can use this application from anywhere with an internet connection on his/her laptop, computers, tablets and mobile devices.

Q4. From where can a user use this application? Is school needed to be in an office to use this application ?

A. This application is a web based application and any user can use this application from anywhere with an internet connection. The user can access this application on laptop, computers, tablets and mobile if they have an internet connection.

Q5. How does this application works?

A. School admin staff needs to have a login id and password to access this application on his/her laptop, computers, tablets and mobile devices. It’s easy to use and manage application and by using application user manual user can easily start using this application. All sections are self explanatory.

Q6. How Much time will it take to send messages?

A.It will take a few seconds to send messages due to its strong messaging module and being a group messaging service, school admin can send message to many recipients at a time. It will just take few time to login, compose a message and click on send button.

Q7. How can we assure whether message has been sent or not?

A.This is web based service and user will get a delivery report for the message sent. Once user click on sending button user needs to wait for 1 minute depends upon the speed of internet used by the user, then the system will automatically reports for send/failed messages.

Q8. How this application is useful for schools?

A. Acadmo is enabled with all basic and advanced features required to manage school operations with its strong messaging functionality. This application is available anytime, anywhere on internet. It can be purchased by pay per user model, which makes it extremely cost effective and useful to school.

Q9. Apart sending messages what else can a school do with the help of this application ?

A. This application have many other features like storing data , school staff management, students data etc.

Q10. How this application is useful for School Staff ?

A. This application has a special function to store data which includes records. School can maintain staff entries like- no
of teachers working, what is the related subject of the teacher, leave application management, personal information
( address, age, family information, contact details etc.) and few other data maintains involves assignment of a
teacher if particular subject teacher is on leave. New entries can also be managed for teachers and staff. Information about retired teachers or teacher which left the school, can also be updates by the use of this system.

Q11. How is this effective for keeping Children’s data.

A. This application can be used to keep a record of class wise fee. Example- for class 1st
fee amount is different and for class 10th Fee amount is different , some student will get a discount
on fee for certain criteria (if school posses). School can send a message to parents if a student is absent from school.