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Our Story

Journey of ‘ACADMO’

ACADMO has a long history of being an enormous part of the School Management System, albeit with a different identity, ‘AlertsFromSchool’. With its inception in 2013, the need for better software never diminished instead grew steadily over the years. Hence, the inception of ‘Acadmo’ brought a launch of technically advanced Software Application for Schools. Follow through its complete lifecycle via its story.

‘AlertsFromSchool’ Software came up with the sole feature of SMS Alerts that Schools can send to Parents. A huge success within its first year, it recorded the associations with around 10 schools in order to aid the message passing procedure from Schools to Students via automated software. Its popularity continued to spread and eventually, the Schools began realizing the need to improve upon the software.
With a steady stream of positive responses from the registered schools, a need to inculcate more features to ease the school’s administrative burden could be realised. This led to the addition of Fees Management module to the ‘AlertsFromSchool’ Software. This being the crucial requirement of every school, pushed us into delving into the complex system of calculations and reports generation resulting in a successful launch of Fees Management Module in July.
Since the Schools were gradually shifting towards the automation of the administrative processes, the team collaboratively brought up ideas for the addition of more features into the system. Hence came the collective features of
  1. Expenditure Management,
  2. Transportation Management,
  3. Library Management, and
  4. Students’ Documentation Management.

Therefore, the entire Management System became the ‘Small School ERP’ system consisting of all 6 features which the majority of schools adopted instantly post launch.
A special year marking the beginning of the Digital Era in India, recorded a need to improvise and improve upon the existing system. Hence, the need for a Mobile App was recognised. Therefore, a collaborative App connecting Parents, Teachers and School Staff was brought under the banner of the development stage.
Mobile App for Parents: Enabling Parents to receive Notifications from Schools regarding TimeTable, HomeWork, Messages and Events.
Mobile App for Teachers: Enabling Teachers to send information to Parents through Messages. Allowing Teachers to record Attendance of students and generating reports (an additional feature that proved extremely beneficial).
Mobile App for School Admin: Enabling quick and efficient Fees Status Tracking and Management along with management of all features.
It was calculated that the complete Mobile App Development would be a long process thereby postponing the launch for the year 2017.
This year brought a new beginning to the initiated project of Mobile App. It was successfully launched with the slogan ‘Ab Har School Ka Hoga Apna App’. This slogan brought many popular schools on board for this Mobile Application for School Management.
With the ever-growing number of Schools on Board, a need to enhance the product arises over time. Hence a few more features like Online Fees Payment, Parents and Students Portal etc. were added. Along with this, a key feature added was that of Online Report Card which became quite popular in Schools.
Keeping in mind that a lot of small schools also require the School ERP as well as the fact that technology never halts in its growth, we decided to optimize our product in terms of Technological aspects and Cost. Therefore, with a goal of bringing about a change with a new identity, ‘AlertsFromSchool’ is finally revamped into ‘Academo’. Now enhanced features, latest technology and optimum security and speed collaborated in one platform ‘ACADMO’.