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It has always been tedious when it comes to sending out information to students and parents at home. Previously used methods included written letters from school administration regarding information on marks, reports, attendance, homework, etc. That method had always been executed to communicate with students and their parents.

Modern times demand better technology. The School ERP System, Acadmo, offers the automated system of communication that clicks instantly with the receiver without any significant time lapse. This has become possible with the Notification System that pings the receiver into acknowledging a contact being made. Acadmo offers 3 ways for communication Push, Email and SMS. All these, keeping in mind the mobile technology, can be the best forms of message sending and information transfer.

Benefits in Crux:

  1. Acadmo provides a platform for 2-way communication between Parents and Teachers.
  2. It requires a 2-minute registration process to access the school software for communication.
  3. Acadmo establishes a 1-to-many pathway for message passing in case of a class teacher communicating with all students’ parents at the same time.
  4. It ensures that Notification Alerts are included as well as responsible for alerting the respective receiving party regarding the incoming message.
  5. Through Push, SMS and Email communication systems, Acadmo ensures that an individual can choose the mode required for a particular kind of information transfer.
  6. With Acadmo, students and parents can be kept up-to-date with homework, classwork and any alerts regarding announcements from the Admin.