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It has been quite an effort for so long to keep a track of paper-based attendance for each class. It has not only increased the paper load, but also doubled the effort when it comes to going back to the attendance record of each individual student to generate report monthly and annually.

A quick and efficient School Attendance System, Acadmo, the School ERP System, offers the handy mobile App for Teachers to make the daily roll calls. Ensuring the count of absentees is quite easy as well as sending a short notification to Parents of said absentees. Along with that, it has enabled an easy Attendance Report Generation which is now just a click away. This will not only save time and effort, but ensure that every Admin duty is performed with absolute efficiency.

Benefits in Crux:

  1. Acadmo provides an automated system of entering daily Roll Calls.
  2. Acadmo can be accessed through the mobile phones of the teachers which only requires appropriate Registration to enter into the Application.
  3. An easy summary of Absentees can be generated. Parents can also stay up to date with this absent record by receiving notifications on the same.
  4. Acadmo ensures that Report Generation for Attendance becomes much easier, requiring only a click to begin within the School Software.
  5. Acadmo offers a completely hassle-free process of Attendance Management System in Schools.